I offer one on one ideas and guidance for anyone interested in elevating their photographic vision. To start, here are three steps that I recommend:

1   Keep your camera close and photograph as much as possible.
2   Allow the spirit of your favorite painters and photographers to influence your work..
3   Have your work critiqued periodically.

I can assist with the third step. I offer critiquing to help refine your eye and the quality of your photographs. My approach is gentle and honest. My intention is to share insights and provide suggestions for creating stronger images.  In the course of an hour, I can critique at least 8 images or 6 images if I'm using Photoshop to illustrate my suggestions. I critique by email, phone and/or in person. My charge is $55.00usd per hour. Let me know if you have any questions. You can reach me through my contact page or call me at 331-874-4920 or 332-314-2542 in Riberas del Pilar, Chapala Mexico. First dial 52 and then 331-874-4920 or 332-314-2542

For critiques of 3 hours or more either in one session or multiple sessions, I offer the following rates:

            3 hours  -   135.usd
            4 hours  -   175.usd
            5 hours  -   215.usd

Photo critiquing is also available on an ongoing basis. If you're interested, let me know and we can work out a plan. 

Critiquing Testimonials

"There are thousands of photography workshops on-line and around the world. Fly in and spend a week with the latest photo-rockstar and you too may be cloned. I gave up on that long ago, choosing instead to only study with a select few who have an eye that is completely upside-down and inside-out from my point of view. David is a teacher who is at the top of my short list. He has the perfect balance of patience and candor. The nuggets he offers stay with me as we walk, shoot, then methodically review the work. Is he expensive? As much as a how-to-photography book and far less than sitting in an auditorium with clones. If only I could pay enough to crawl inside his brain and gaze through his eyes. I'll always jump at the chance to learn anything David has to offer."  Christopher Briscoe --

"David’s critiquing has dramatically speeded up the learning process for me both in making images and processing them. I have a range of interests in photography, whether it’s capturing the wonders of nature or the joyful curiosity of my granddaughter or the poignant urgency of a social cause I believe in. In every area, David has helped me consider new artistic approaches, apply more sophisticated techniques, and be more perceptive in critiquing my own work. As a mentor, he doesn’t make me feel like I am being graded or judged but that I am being helped to find my own artistic vision and then carry it out."  Matt Witt --

"David has been my mentor and teacher in photography for a number of years. He has made a major contribution to my success as a fine art photographer. David has an amazingly keen eye for details and composition often pushing me to new levels of photographic mastery. He is gentle in his feedback and yet very clear and often leads by example not being afraid to experiment with his own work, inspiring me to reach for new grounds. Over the last 3 years my work has been published in Silvershotz International Photographic Journal, represented by Gango Publishing for posters and licensed to many manufacturers. I believe a large part of this was due to continuing support from David in developing a professional portfolio of commercially viable work."  Vitaly Geyman 

Wood River AspensWood River Aspens
"Wood River Aspens" - Southern Oregon